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Start being effective with our new app. BeSocial, gathers all your favorite social medias in one place! The app makes you more efficient when checking your daily social life!

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About BeSocial

The perfect app for a more effective experience while checking your social media! There is no app like this one. Download and become more effective today!


Smarter features than ever

Fast & Powerful

The app is smooth and powerful. It's not fun to lag.

Be safe

The app doesn't track you or your information. It's yours, and yours only.

Cloud Support

The app is made with the fastest cloud technology.

Easy Notifications

Our notification system is smart and won't bother you as much.

Fully Responsive

Perfect view on all your devices.

Smart design

Add your favorite social media and you will see your feed right away!

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Make a smarter choice and be efficient today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What social medias can be added?

Right now you can add the usual ones. Such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Reddit.

Why can't I add snapchat?

Right now, snapchat does not have an api that can be added but when they introduce that we will of course implement it.

When is the app coming to Iphones?

We are currently developing the app for IOS but we don't want to release it untill it's perfect.